Life lived in hours


Since life is lived in hours, the proper stewardship of time is the key to making big dreams happen.

November has 721 hours, total (if you live in a place where the clocks fall back). Finding 60 should not be that hard, even if you’re sleeping for 240 and working for 144 (18 8-hour days, with Thanksgiving and that Friday off here in the U.S.). That leaves 337 hours for other things. Elect to spend 60 of those 337 hours writing and you will have a rough draft. An extremely rough draft, to be sure, but something that could become something better. Elect to spend those same 60 of 337 hours watching TV, and you will not have a draft. That’s what most of us do. According to the American Time Use Survey, the average American watches TV as a primary activity for 2.77 hours per day. That clocks in at 83 hours during the 30 days of November, which is enough time to finish that draft and do some editing too. Via @lvanderkam


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