Being Awesome in June…

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling a little bummed about not reaching my goals for May. However, I did make significant progress on one paper and wrote my part for a 2nd paper… Does that count towards writing 2 papers? I know June is a week in but I just started back after a restful week with my niece and nephew. 🙂 So for being Awesome in JuneI plan to

1. finish the paper I am working on.

2. add to the paper which I am a collaborator (we meet tomorrow to discuss the current draft)

3. keep up with the grading for the course I am teaching this summer.

4. exercise… In the AM?!?

5. enjoy summer… I have gone to the Omaha Zoo, Morrill Hall, movies… I don’t know what I will do next but it will probably be cheap. Ideas?

Good luck being AWESOME!



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