Goals for the month of May

1. Actually schedule time to write outside of the house. I am more productive when I go to the East Campus Union or some other local outside of the house. If I am at the house, an email or some other distraction leads me astray! 🙂

2. Remind myself that “I am a writer!” This means that there are ups and downs but I need to pick myself up off the ground and keep writing!

3. Learn that sometimes the only thing on the to-do list for the evening is relaxing with a good book! Spending all my time working does not make for a happy Krista.

4. Continue to learn how to say “No!” to things that may seem easy and not very time consuming but are hidden time killers. Practice with me… “No”… I need to do it one more time… “NO” <– May still need to work on this one!

What are some goals you have for this month?


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