Being Awesome…

When I started this blog my thought was that this would be a way to encourage new faculty or whomever read the blog a window into my growth. After my first post, I went three months before I posted again and have done so intermittently ever since. Why am I not consistent? Why do I struggle with this?Part of the reason I struggle with this endeavor is that I heard negative feedback from people saying it was a waste of time, it wasn’t going to get me anywhere and I need to focus on other things. Listening to these others, I lost sight of what it was that makes me awesome. My focus in life is to share my knowledge with others because I know too many people that think the only way to get ahead is to keep knowledge to themselves. In no way am I saying my ideas are the best but sharing my experiences and understanding may allow you to prepare and possibly never have the same struggles as I do.

Why talk about this? Well, I came across a set of youtube videos by Alison of The Alison Show about “How to Be Awesome”. She shares her ideas about being an entrepreneur for moving forward, but I thought this applied to anyone trying to move forward in order to combat negativity, self doubt and the road blocks in our lives. Take a minute and watch these videos if you don’t feel that you can do what you are reaching for or combating some “evil”. We can’t let our passions be stifled if we want to move forward. [Not saying we shouldn’t listen to others, but go with you know things that others don’t.] If you are trying to be awesome and don’t succeed, remember failure is often the best educator. Don’t fail because you didn’t try that’s not being awesome.

Get Started

Put your goals before your pride

Don’t poison your well

Give, Give, Give

Go out and be AWESOME today!



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