That time of year…

With the end of my summer just behind me, it is that time of year for me to start monitoring how I spend my time. The idea came from Laura Vanderkam’s book 168 hours: You have more time than you think you haveIn her book, she suggests that readers take careful account of our use of time for a week. Using this information, we ask ourselves is our time well served? Where do we waste time on? Do we spend all the time on a particular task we think we do? And as the semester unfolds, I can only think that this is a perfect time to start. [Don’t ask about what I got done for my writing group meeting tomorrow.] <– But I was not the only one… Instead of talking for 30 minutes about what we were supposed to have done, our group is having a “Shut-up & Write” meeting instead. I already love that group!

Why don’t you join me in studying your own time management? You might be surprised what you discover about your own time wasters and shapers and only 168 hours to do it in. 🙂 See my previous post on Goal Setting to see other questions from Vanderkam’s book that have made an impact on me and my idea of time management…

Well, I’ve got to log this time. See you in about 169 hrs… 🙂


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