The End of Summer….

is here and it is time to get on the work train again. Though classes started last week, I am calling today, Labor Day, the end of my Summer. I must say what a wonderful summer I had this year…The summer began with me traveling with the GEOS 898 Geology Field Course for Teachers across NE and WY. One of the goals for the course was to follow the creation the North Platte River from Eastern NE up into the Rockies. The teachers were involved in various inquiry practices as each tried to determine what NE looked like in the past. While I would have loved to learn more about the geology of NE, I was there to observe the interactions between the students and the instructor. So… I have a lot of pictures with my feet up… LOL!!!


My trip with the group only lasted 9 of the 15 days as my Summer class started during the 2nd half of the trip. I will have more to report later on what I did learn from the experience and where I am heading next.

I was so excited to start teaching the Elementary Science Methods course this summer as I had finally found readings that I hoped students would connect too! Let me tell you, it was like a dream come true! Though the course was 4 weeks long meeting 4 days a week, the students had such great energy and discussion about the course experiences. There was so much synergy with the activities and readings that I know will continue with my students for the Fall semester. I know this picture does not capture the experience, but I wanted to share a snippet of our time together.

Image (@ Morrill Hall)

Once the course ended, the real fun began… My family (all 8) came up to LNK to help me move to a smaller apartment. Now what could be more fun than having 3 tween & 1 8yo staying in a 1 bedroom apartment while moving? I tell you nothing! LOL!!! You know they find all sorts of interesting things to play with… Yep… How about putting a swim cap on your head… My sister’s look says it all…


I am so thankful the entire family came to help with the move. My brother-in-law was like a super hero carrying all the heavy stuff. My Dad & I just looked at each other as Carlos carried my couch up the stairs by himself. I need to get BIL a cape with his super power name… “Super Mover”!!! Coming to theaters everywhere soon!

Once the fam left, I was left rearranging and putting stuff where I could find them. I spent an entire week just moving furniture until I hit on HOME. The rest of the summer (2-3 weeks) I vegged. I have not taken a break in YEARS! Literally. The time to regroup was so needed. During the time, I submitted 1 article, 3 conference proposals, and put together a presentation for the TECH Edge conference. I guess it wasn’t exactly vegging, but I did not go into the office. 🙂

So “Goodbye Summer”… You were especially good to me this year, but now it is time to look forward to Fall and what she brings.


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