May… The start of Summer…

Prior to joining the college world, I was a middle school science teacher. 8th grade to be exact… Around May school would let out and the summer would begin. This involved doing some kind of professional development, taking courses, or participating in various activities to become a better teacher. What I’m saying is, no break during the summer…Why then did I expect this to change when I came to the university? May for me this year has seen the end of the semester come and go with me still working. I did take a break this past week… Well, I just worked from home. LOL! Data analysis, conference proposals, and revisions of a paper have filled the week. However while I have been working on the different projects, I also have nearly finished my nieces birthday present, packed and moved boxes, and got a few extra zzz’s. All in all, I would say I have had a nice little break while continuing to move forward on my agenda. Here is a list of things that I am working on this summer…

Summer Agenda:

1. Submit tetrahedral paper. PRIORITY

2. Submit NOS paper with grad student. PRIORITY

3. Submit ASTE conference proposal. Due July 1st.

4. Write NARST conference proposal. PRIORITY: Due August 1st.

5. Finish methods syllabus for summer course. PRIORITY

6. Develop course for next summer based on a summer experience that starts June 9th.

7. Revamp Interdisciplinary Grant Proposal. Due by October

8. Outline Layman Grant Proposal. PRIORITY for Scholarly Enhancement

There are plenty of things for me to do that is for sure! I have a few more activities that I did not include in this, but I will be very pleased if I can accomplish the following in the next few months. So I have to say, Summer… What summer? It will be an exciting time as I work to get things out!!! Wish me luck!



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