Starting my research agenda…

I don’t know about you, but I am glad that I started early as a lecturer before becoming an assistant professor. Why you ask? Well…

Last year when came in I had no idea what to do to get my research agenda rolling. You know where to get money & participants along with whatever your research requires of you. For me, this involves writing an IRB proposal as well as finding willing participants and jumping through hoops to get into the classroom.  I mean I participated in PFF and knew quite a bit about researching. But going off on my own, I had the idea to research but not how to accomplish it. This may be the reason why the first year is to get your dissertation out the door. While you are working on publishing your dissertation, you begin to make your connections, get your funding lined up, and make some important connections with those around you.

Here is something I have found out. The more I prepare for things the more opportunities open up. I’ve made several connections while I am trying to get my own personal project under way. Luckily I also have a research assistant to help me with my own personal stuff. But the super cool thing is that from the people I have met, one of my colleagues asked me to join my research project. I have two people to help me with my personal research! Now I have to keep working… on my IRB… LOL! Just got an email for revisions while I was writing this post!

Got to go to work!


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