the doctoral years

i was a doctoral student at ASU Tempe Campus where i met some pretty awesome people…

you know your usual 501st legionaries, elvis’, dare devils & everything else in between…

came to ASU in 2006 to work on a large NSF funded grant on beginning science teachers in which we research assistants captured 1000’s of pieces of data following teachers during the first five years of their teaching career.

as part of the project i…

woke up early every morning to check email to see if there was an email with a change in my schedule.

drove 1000’s of miles around phoenix, minnesota, san diego, las vegas, and a few less in massachusetts, wisconsin, and chicago to observe classroom instruction two to four times a year per teacher.

talked about classroom practices to over 140 teachers for hours on end.

presented research findings at numerous conferences like narst (3x), aera(1x), and aste (2x)

worked on & passed the diss


avoided writing as much as possible

(this will be the death of me if i keep this up)

beyond the research i…

taught various science methods courses to preservice elementary teachers.

took classes in c&i, science education, qual & quan methodology,


how to blow dry hair

you know all the important stuff to prepare me for academia!!!

of course…

there were more important things that occurred during the time in graduate school like

went to disney 5 times… @ disney world & @ disney land

celebrated the wedding of prince william & kate with tea, crumpets, and marmalade;

became four square mayor of el pollo loco, the devil’s lair, steve’s place, jon ric salon & day spa, flor’s place, back east bagels, apache-mcclintock rail station, and probably some more places;

ate tons of mexican food…

1 ton = 2,000 lbs

enough to gain 10lbs per year… yikes

found a new hobby… book signings…

not my book cause i haven’t written it yet…

if you are in tempe, may i suggest changing hands bookstore for meeting authors like

madeleine albright, jimmy carter, natalie goldberg, rick riordan, apolo ohno


ozzy osbourne

some of these you may not really define them as authors but they have a book with their name on the front…


i was lucky to have such great experiences with some pretty awesome people which i will cherish always


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